Are you feeling stuck? Your relationship is okay with your kids, but…… could be better?

Your kids could be more cooperative, respectful, and even happier. 


You could learn how to give directions that are followed, and support your upset child without getting upset.

If you would like insight into WHY your approach isn’t working as well as you would like, and WHAT to do instead…….

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About Cynthia Klein
Parenting expert Cynthia Klein’s passion is to create world peace by first creating peace within each family. Through her 27 years as a parenting coach, educator, and author, she has discovered that parents need guidance on how to communicate effectively as an ally with their children to create the desired family harmony. 

Cynthia is a University of California at Berkeley psychology graduate and former elementary school teacher. She coaches parents privately and designs and presents parenting education workshops for organizations, schools, and businesses. Cynthia has taught more than a thousand parenting classes and private coaching sessions.

In April 2017, Cynthia published her book, Ally Parenting: A Non-Adversarial Approach to Transform Conflict Into Cooperation, where she synthesized the parenting educational process and wisdom she teaches parents. In Ally Parenting, Cynthia offers practical parenting solutions and strategies and humorously shares her own experience of raising a daughter using examples of dialogue and parent success stories. 

Through Cynthia’s approach, parents are inspired to look within, take the new information, and develop their inner wisdom about how to rear their children. The success of her Ally parenting philosophy is based on parents realizing that the power to transform any conflict into cooperation begins with changing themselves first, and then their children will follow. This philosophy leads to parents feeling empowered and successful at creating greater respect and happiness in their home. 

You can contact Cynthia for more information about her approach at her website or 650.679.8138.